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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers – When to Use Them

There are many solutions out there to help you achieve the most comfortable environment for your home or office but knowing exactly when to use them is key to getting the best results! Here are some insights from our plumbing supply company.

Everything You Need to Know About Humidifiers 

This is a device that adds moisture to your indoor air. By changing that dry indoor air by adding humidity, they can help alleviate dry skin, nose bleeds, and chapped lips. They are best used in dry winter conditions.

Different types of humidifiers include:

  • Cool mist – Safe, natural and affordable to run, this is an effective type of humidifier but does need extra care and cleaning to prevent mold growth.
  • Warm mist – Great for people with allergies or respiratory problems, this humidifier is also quiet to run.
  • Ultrasonic – This is a very quiet-running option ideal for public spaces, often featuring both cool mist or warm mist options.
  • UV – This new humidifier technology uses UV light to kill germs, making them especially suited to nurseries, children’s play areas and other areas where germs are a concern.
  • Whole-house – These control air humidity through your entire home or office space according to seasonal needs.

Everything You Need to Know About Dehumidifiers 

Dehumidifiers work to remove excess water vapor from the air in your home or office and are ideal for use through the rainy season. Too much moisture in the air can aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma, and lead to mold growth, condensation inside your home and other issues.

Different types of dehumidifiers include:

  • Heat pump – This regulates moisture by using a heat pump and coil system with a fan.
  • Ventilators – These are ideal for areas that don’t see much use but can become mold growth areas, like crawlspaces or basements. Elevated humidity will trigger the system’s exhaust fan to dry out the air.
  • Chemical absorbents – These are simple dehumidifiers filled with a desiccant agent with a silica-based gel. A fan drives humid air out and moisture is absorbed by the chemicals inside.
  • Whole house – Similar to the whole house humidifier, this equipment will regulate indoor air humidity throughout the building and adjusts as the seasons change.

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