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Silent Signs Your House Has a Plumbing Issue

Silent Signs Your House Has a Plumbing Issue

All too often, you probably had no idea that your house had plumbing issues until it was too late. However, common plumbing problems are easy to spot, provided you know what to look for. Once you are able to recognize the signs, you can do the repairs before problems get out of control and more expensive. Here are four of the most common silent signs to look out for.    

Discolored Pipes

It is a good idea to check the pipes under your sinks and in your basement. Look for any discoloration, especially around the joints. This is a strong sign that there is moisture present and that you might have a leak that will probably worsen over time if you leave it. If you spot any discoloration, get a plumber to take a look at the joints as soon as possible.

Sewer Odor

If you start to pick up a sewer smell in your home, it probably means, either that one of your traps has run dry, or one of your vents has cracked. Vents and traps prevent sewer gases from entering your home. When they are not working properly, those gases cannot be released and start to build up inside the home. Traps can be repaired by refilling them with water, but vents can be a little more difficult to find and fix, as they are usually enclosed inside a wall. We recommend calling a plumber if it’s the latter of the two issues. 

Weak Water Flow in Multiple Locations

Low water pressure usually indicates a distribution issue. If it occurs in one location, you may just need to fix a faucet aerator, which is usually easy to deal with. If it happens in several locations, there is probably an issue with the water main or supply line. If you are seeing low water pressure in addition to any signs of leaking, you should take action immediately.  

Slow Drain

A drain that is slow to clear could be a result of blockage near to the drain itself, or something deeper in the pipes. If the problem is farther down the line, it might require a fair amount of snaking to clear it. If more than one of your drains is slow, it is a sure sign that you have a deeper problem. 

No matter what plumbing issues you may have to deal with in your home, get your tools, parts and accessories at Crosstown Plumbing Supply. Contact us for more information.

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