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Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know About

Plumbing tips

Not every homeowner is a plumber, but it is still a good idea to know at least a little about plumbing if you want to keep your home safe and functional. The longer you stay in a home, the more likely it is that you will experience some type of plumbing issue. It helps to know just a few simple actions to take when problems arise. These basic plumbing tips might help you to prevent the need for plumbing repairs. They will certainly help you to manage the situation and mitigate the damage as you wait for the professionals to arrive. Here are three essential plumbing tips that every homeowner should know.

Know Where the Water Shutoff Valves Are

One of the vital details you should know about your home is where to shut off the water supply. If there is an emergency or if routine maintenance needs to be done, knowing where the main shutoff valve is will help you to save time and prevent further plumbing issues.

Understand What Can and Can’t Go Down Drains

Not many people understand the limitations of household drains. If you want to know what you can wash down your drains, the answer is: not much! Your drains and pipes are designed to carry water and other liquids. Almost everything else will only clog them. Don’t throw things like coffee grounds, grease, or food scraps down the drain. Also, remember that your toilet is not a garbage can. Flushing almost anything other than toilet paper is likely to lead to clogged pipes.

Fix Leaky Fixtures Right Away

How many of us simply ignore a leaky faucet or a running toilet? They don’t seem to do much harm and appear to be little more than a minor annoyance. However, even the most minor leaks can lead to massive amounts of wasted water. One leaky faucet can shed up to eight gallons a day. It is better to fix these problems as they arise. Replacing a washer on a faucet is a quick and easy fix.

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