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Why Does My Water Look Rusty?

Have you noticed a reddish, rusty color when you run water in your home or backyard? Here’s what the cause is – and what to do about it – from your local plumbing supply company in New Jersey.

What causes rusty water? 

Water looks rusty when iron compounds are present, and these can get into your water supply in various ways, including:

  • A break in the water mains
  • Water hydrant flushing
  • Street sweeping
  • Routine maintenance on your water pipes
  • Depressurization of your water system
  • Damage to water pipes
  • Corrosion of iron pipes

This can affect your hot and cold water, but if you are only noticing the rust color when running hot water, this could be due to:

How to fix rusty water 

Usually, rusty water is a temporary event that resolves itself, especially if it is due to a main pipe maintenance or a temporary depressurization. However, if you notice this issue consistently, you should call in plumbing professionals to take a look and perform repairs.

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