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Why granite is still the best kitchen countertop

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There are a wide range of materials available for countertops, from laminate and wood to marble, quartz and concrete. However, one material still stands above the rest – granite. Here’s why granite kitchen countertops are still king, from your plumbing wholesaler in New Jersey.

  • It’s durable and low maintenance: Granite is a natural rock with a holocrystalline structure – one where the crystals grow into each other and interlock, rather than forming independently. This structure makes the stone incredibly strong and hardwearing – perfect for kitchen work surfaces. It won’t crack, chip or scratch easily, and it’s very hygienic. This means that it’s very difficult to damage and won’t require much maintenance other than a regular clean with mild detergent.
  • Endless design options: Granite comes in a huge range of colors and textures according to the crystals within it. It can have a uniform look or distinct pattern, it comes in blacks, greys and browns as well as reds, blues and greens, and it can be cut and edged to match the look you’re going for. There are also granites rich in mica, which give them a glittery look as they are highly reflective.
  • It’s affordable: In terms of value for money, granite is the best option on the market because it simply lasts so long, is so easy to care for and so resistant to damage. Installation is quick and granite is ordered to exactly fit your kitchen, so joins are minimal. Costs can vary according to the type of granite you choose, but there’s always an attractive option for every price range.

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