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Why is My Air Conditioning System Not Cooling My Home?

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If you notice that your air conditioning system in New Jersey is blowing warm or tepid air instead of cooling your home, then these are the most likely causes according to our plumbing supply company.

  • Dirty or old air filter – Air filters clear the incoming air of dust, pollen and dirt before it enters the air conditioning system. When this dirt builds up, the system will struggle to circulate enough cool air to lower the temperature, and may even freeze the evaporator coil, preventing you from getting any cool air at all. Check your air filter and if it looks dirty, it’s time to replace it.
  • Low refrigerant – Refrigerant levels will get lower over time or if a leak occurs. This liquid absorbs the heat from the air, so if it’s too low, your air conditioner won’t be able to effectively remove heat from your home. You may have a leak if there is ice build-up on the refrigerant line or outside unit, if you can hear a hissing or bubbling noise when the system is on, or if your system only seems to work on cool days/nights.
  • Dirty AC unit – The AC unit outside your home is the condenser, which works to remove heat from the air in your home. Because it’s outside, it can get pretty dirty, clogged up with leaves, or even become a home for pests. For it to work properly, it needs to be cleaned with a gentle spray of water from your hose. The area around the unit should be kept clear of weeds, dust and leaves, too.
  • Broken condenser fan – This is the fan inside your air conditioning system’s outdoor unit and is responsible for moving air through the system and pushing heat out of your home. If this is broken or faulty, the unit won’t work properly because air flow is compromised.

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