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The importance of cleaning your drains

The importance of cleaning your drains

Do you only clean your drains when they get clogged? While this is a common practice for millions of people across the country, any plumbing industry professional will tell you how important it is to clean your drains on a regular basis. It’s a small bit of preventative maintenance that keeps your plumbing system healthy and functioning properly, making it

The benefits of installing a water filtration system

Water filtration systems remove chemicals, bacteria, and other contaminants from water that comes out of the tap. Having around-the-clock access to clean, safe water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking is something that many of us expect without consideration, but tap water quality varies throughout the US. You can check the drinking water quality in your area on the Environmental Protection

How to unclog a sink in 5 easy steps

Homeowners can unclog sinks themselves with the right plumbing supplies. There are many things that cause clogged sinks – they’re a disruption, they’re unsightly, they can stain the sink, and they often come with unpleasant smells.  While there are serious clogs that will need a professional, most clogs can be fixed in five easy steps: Disconnect the sink stopper. The

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