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All your plumbing and fixture needs at wholesale prices

All your plumbing and fixture needs at wholesale prices

Plumbers and homeowners alike have discovered the benefits of buying wholesale plumbing supplies in New Jersey. Wholesalers buy products in bulk at a discounted price then sell them to retail stores, but many wholesalers have opened their doors to industry professionals, plumbing contractors, and sometimes the general public.  If you’ve ever been shopping at an outlet store, you were probably

How to Make your Kitchen Remodel Eco-Friendly

7 of the best kitchen remodeling tips

Environmentally-friendly remodels are a huge trend at the moment for homeowners who want to update their kitchens and also reap the benefits of a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are some tips from wholesale suppliers of granite and other kitchen countertops on how to achieve a green kitchen. Recycled and earth-friendly countertops: There are plenty of sustainable materials available for your

Traditional vs. Jetted Bath Tubs

Your tub is a focal point for your bathroom and getting the right one will make all the difference to enjoying your new space to the full! Here’s a quick guide from our plumbing supplies specialists in New Jersey on how to choose the right option. Pros and Cons of Traditional Soaking Tubs  These are the classic tubs and come

Why Does My Water Look Rusty?

Have you noticed a reddish, rusty color when you run water in your home or backyard? Here’s what the cause is – and what to do about it – from your local plumbing supply company in New Jersey. What causes rusty water?  Water looks rusty when iron compounds are present, and these can get into your water supply in various

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